Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cover Reveal!

I'm so excited! I received the cover for my April release Two Cowboys in Her Crosshairs today!
I think it looks pretty awesome. Harris Channing did an amazing job yet again. Thanks Harris!

Two Cowboys In Her Crosshairs is the first book in the Hellfire Ranch series about a group of ex-marines turned cowboys, sheriffs, FBI and  more who find themselves in more danger on home soil than they did while deployed. I hope you'll join me on my journey to Freedom, Texas and the men and women of Hellfire Ranch.

Here's a little about Olivia, Jake and Hudson's story:

Marine sniper Olivia Martinez's injuries from Afghanistan aren't all visible. She's carrying scars on her heart as well, compliments of Jake Logan and their all-too-brief battlefield romance. Damage to her eyesight during an ambush has derailed her field work, but the gutsy Marine is still in the Corps and working for JAG.
Jake Logan retired to the quaint town of Freedom, Texas and the Hellfire Ranch he named after his unit. With his best friend Hudson Walker at his side, he's trying to forget that final mission gone so horribly wrong...and forget Olivia.

A mysterious package, coupled with the recent deaths of other members of the squad, force Olivia to track down Jake as she investigates. Sparks immediately fly, confirming the passion between them didn't die in the desert.

The only problem for Olivia is she's getting sparks from Hudson, too.
When the trio find themselves under siege and taking fire, they know they have to solve the mystery of the package's contents, or wind up dead.

Unraveling the clues lead them to suspect ugly things about someone on their team.

But it's hard to focus. All Jake wants to do is love Olivia again. Hudson, who loves Jake like a brother, likes seeing his buddy vibrant again for the first time since returning from Afghanistan.

Olivia, in bed between them, makes them all feel alive.

Now if only they can stay that way.

In the end, it's going to come down to Olivia's ability to overcome her injuries, both physically and emotionally, to save the three of them.

But once a Marine sniper has you in her crosshairs...say your prayers.

She's way more accurate — and sexy — than Cupid.

The book isn't available for pre-order yet, but you can peruse some of my other books at Siren by clicking here. And of course, they are all available on Amazon and B&N.

Happy reading!