Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome to Naughty Ink

Welcome to Naughty Ink, a gathering place for readers, authors and lovers of the written word. Each week, we’ll feature a different guest and find out what makes them tick. We’ll learn about characters, writing processes, sex, a lot more sex, maybe some sex thrown in and pretty much whatever else crosses our minds! 
Please keep in mind this is a blog that quite often will feature ADULT topics, words, themes, sometimes images, etc. Our goal is to titillate, excite, educate… We hope you understand everything written here assumes adult choices and decisions, as well as safe, sane and consensual sexual entanglements.
If you’re interested in writing a guest blog, please e-mail me at jenniferaugust@jenniferaugust.com. I’d love to have both authors and readers!

Naughty notes:
Sex is glorious. Sex is fun and exciting. It feels good. It has wonderful mind, body and soul benefits. Sex is like the perfect balm to almost anything that ails you. It can be enjoyed alone, with a partner, with multiple partners. You can incorporate role playing, toys or romance, just to name a few. Why wouldn’t you have sex?

Let’s start with some surprising and fun facts about sex:
In Victorian England, women diagnosed with hysteria (i.e., the inability to achieve orgasm through vaginal intercourse) would visit a physician in order to attain said orgasm. Methods most often included use of manual manipulation on the clitoris (rather than the vagina). In the early 1880s Joseph Mortimer Granville invented what basically was the first vibrator, though he intended it to be used to help muscle aches and not the “ache” of women. Uh-huh, good luck with that one Joseph. Turns out, though, not many doctors actually cared for the massage technique. It took too long and by all accounts, they found it annoying. Hence, the advent of more practical and at-home methods of dealing with womanly hysteria. This gave rise to things such as the portable vibrator, water massagers and even a chair one could recline in, spread her legs and be treated over and over again until the hysteria was gone. That is, if she were multi-orgasmic. Even as late as the 1910s, Sears & Roebuck featured at-home massagers in its catalog. Hm, can you imagine asking Santa for one of those?

Next up - sperm! Or should I say super sperm? Did you know the protein found in sperm can help reduce wrinkles? Sperm also contains zinc and calcium which can prevent tooth decay. The semen from a single ejaculation may contain between 40 and 600 million sperm (that’s a lot swimmers!). The taste of sperm varies from person to person and is greatly influenced by diet. Broccoli gives sperm a sweet taste. I’m just sayin’. Sperm can only swim forward. Semen makes women happy. A report shows that women who have regular sex and contact with semen score better on happiness assessment tests.

Sex the pain reliever: Sex is an all-around kind of feel-good thing. Having sex cures headaches. Having sex at least twice a week can cut the potential for a heart attack in half. Engaging in frisky business can help stave off the flu, the common cold and Alzheimer’s. Having sex once or twice a week (but really, why stop there? Be an over-achiever and go for three or four. In one day. Or something.) can boost your immune system. These regular lovemaking sessions have been found to produce the antibody immunoglobulin which can protect you from colds and infections.  One of the chemicals released during sex, Oxytocin, relieves pain. Perfect for those late-night spankings. Endorphins also do an admirable job with that. And finally, sex is said to be ten times more effective than valium. No wonder he always falls asleep afterward!

Naughty words:
Today’s dirty word is: fluffer [fluhf]: A person hired to keep male performers erect during breaks in filming of pornographic movies. Sheesh, all the fun and none of the glory!

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