Monday, May 21, 2012

Ready? Set. WRITE!

A friend of mine attended his very first writer’s conference this weekend and was blown away. He came back literally shell-shocked and walking like he had two pounds of sand in one shoe, a fifth of vodka in his gut, a smile to rival any toothpaste ad and a maniacal, calculating gleam in his eye.

Most writers know this gleam. It’s the “Wait! I’m having an idea/epiphany/discussion with my characters” gleam. I’ve been known to drift off from the middle of a conversation when struck by this gleam. It usually happens when I’m at a restaurant with my son and we’re discussion myriad topics. He’ll sigh and hand me a napkin knowing I’ll soon be scribbling down whatever idea popped into my head.

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In light of his awesome experience and the rush that comes from knowing just what he’s done and will now do and has done for several years (WRITE!) I decided to issue a challenge/contest this morning. For this week, May 21-25, put your name in the hopper either here or at my Facebook page and report in each day how much you’ve written. At the end of the week, I’ll hold a drawing for a random name and the winner will receive a couple of free books along with a few other goodies.

A few rules:
1.       You must sign up.
2.       You must write.
3.       You must chime in at least once a day with your total word count.
4.       You must have fun!

Pass the word! The more, the merrier!
Happy writing!