Monday, November 21, 2011

The Writer as Submissive, guest author A. Ash

Naughty Ink is excited to feature new author A. Ash!
First, a few questions:

1. Who are three of your favorite authors we should be reading?
       I'll give you one.
       Jacqueline Carey - her Kushiel's series is AMAZING. Especially if you're at all interested in BDSM. But it's NOT a BDSM book. Plenty of "meat" around the bones of these stories. Incredible characters here. My only complaint is that they could actually stand with a little more graphic sex.  <G>

2. Aside from anything electronic, what 1 thing can you not live without? 

     Do vibrators count as electronic?

3. Panties or commando?

     I don't clothe (or unclothe) and tell.
4. Favorite male body part? 

     This is a trick question, right?

5. 2 line improv: make up a title and 2 line synopsis for a porn movie.

     Okay, I'm going with the not-serious answer to this one. (Because truthfully, I think I have a lot of great stories in my head that would make awesome porn movies. <G>  Hey, I can write it, sooooo...)

       (And when I came up with this idea, I later Googled it, and it's not so original. LOL.)

       Star Whores -- Luke Skyfucker and Princess Lay-Her team up with Hard Solo and Obi-Dong Kenobi to save the universe from the evil Dom Vader. Realistic sex droids/whores R2DoMe and CP3Holes carry hidden plans to Dom Vader's newest evil plan, and assist in the fight. Memorable lines from this sure-to-be classic film include: "These aren't the whores you're looking for," and "Help me, Obi-Dong Kenobi, you're my last hope."  Line from the next movie: "Luke, I fucked your father."

Great answers Ms. Ash, thank you. As a fan of porn, I would (and have) watched many space themed movies. Some are truly hilarious.  Now, on with the show!


     I'm on my knees. Head bowed. Hands still. Waiting. Eager. Ready to serve my Master. The command is given, the scene begins, and my fingers fly, stroking, coaxing, building toward the climax.
     Once we climax, it's over. Well, a little aftercare. Wrap-up. Then it's over. End of story.
     I'm talking about writing, here.  (What did you think I was talking about? LOL.)
     As a writer, I am submissive to the story. The story is the Master. (Okay, the main Master. There's another Master as well, and we'll get to that in a bit.)
     A lot of people think the writer is in control, dominating the story, the characters. Telling them exactly what to do, what to say.  Yeah. That doesn't always work so well. Because characters can and will balk when you try to force them do something they don't want to do. I've often found that when I get stuck with a story, it's because I've done something wrong.  Taken a wrong turn. More often than not, I have to go back and fix something before I can move forward again.
     Because I serve the story, the story's needs come first. I write what best serves the story. Some of my books have author notes in the back that talk about this. I'm writing fantasy here. Sexual fantasy/fiction.  Since this is fiction, not reality, you may not find mention of a condom in my story.  That's not because I don't think people should use them. I'm a big fan of safe sex. There are too many bad things you can catch by not observing safe sex. But, this is a fantasy. If it will jar the story, disrupt the fantasy, for me to mention a condom, than I'm not going to mention it.
      On the other hand, if it serves the story for me to bring up condoms, then I will.
Same thing with safe, sane, and consensual. For the love of all thing holy (and unholy), in reality, play must be safe, sane, and consensual. In fiction, however, you might not see my characters go through all those steps. If it serves the story, it will be there. But I'm not writing how-to books here. In my latest release, Over Santa's Knee, my Dom goes through a short version. Applies what he refers to as "standard hard limits" (there isn't really such a thing) and asks the sub if she wants to add anything. She does, but only one thing. And the Dom has already made arrangements with the sub's safety and there's a short mention of that.
      Because the characters were in a hurry to get down to business.
     I could have taken more time. Devoted more space to explaining what a safety is, etc. But as I said, I'm not writing a how-to book. I'm writing a down-n-dirty story.
And that leads me nicely into my other Master.
     My readers. Reader expectations.
     As a writer, I must serve my readers. I must meet their expectations, and deliver on those. I have several alter egos. They write other stuff. I take different names because I don't want to disappoint my readers. In the same way a Dom will punish a sub who disappoints, who breaks rules, readers will punish a writer who does the same. The most basic punishment? They don't buy anymore of your stuff.
     A more severe punishment could entail them roasting you in review and blasting you all over the internet.
     A mystery writer who doesn't solve the crime, a romance writer who kills off the hero, a down-n-dirty erotic writer who doesn't have anyone get fucked, those writers have failed to meet their readers' -- their Masters' -- expectations. As A. Ash, I write down-n-dirty. For stories with more "meat" to them, I have another penname.
     Now, you can't please everyone. And some people you can't ever please. I'm not suggesting otherwise. But I want my readers to be satisfied (pun intended) when they finish one of my stories.
     As submissive, I am the one ultimately in control. I can safe-word and end things. I can try to top my stories from the bottom (sometimes I do) and subtly guide things, try to achieve my goals.
     But the truth is, my stories know better than I do. My characters know what they're doing. (Most of the time.) So generally I'm content to kneel before them and let them take the lead.
     While this word-slut serves.

            A. Ash is the penname/alter-ego of a writer who is well-published in another genre with strong reader expectations. A self-confessed (but not publically-confessed until now) smutophile, Ash keeps her identities separate to serve her different readers and stories. She finds the psychological aspects of BDSM to be particularly fascinating. (Okay, yeah, and the sex part, too.)
                Her latest release is Over Santa's Knee, a BDSM Christmas story that started with a few stanzas of a naughty version of "The Night before Christmas." It's now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
                Visit Ash's website: , follow on Twitter: AAshErosWriter.