Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chips, Salsa & Sex Toys

One of the greatest things about being a writer is all the research we get to do. Through various forms of media, I’ve been to Scotland, in a dungeon, on the battlefields with William the Conqueror, fitted for chainmail and in the midst of many intense whipping scenes (God bless YouTube!).
However, nothing beats hands-on research. Or, failing that, personal recommendations. I have a group of friends with whom I lunch now and again. We are all erotica writers and, inevitably, the conversation turns dirty. How soon just depends on how quickly the margaritas start flowing. Which is usually when we sit down. I mean, really, chips and salsa are awesome, but chips, salsa, margaritas and sex talk rock the universe.
During one of these gab sessions, I heard about a fantastic new toy that is guaranteed to drive a woman absolutely wild. As in money back guarantee (but don’t think about the returning of such an item, it’ll just freak you out.) This led to a discussion of some of our favorite toys ever. Here are just a few of the samplings:

Don Wand Pink Glass Nubby Boyfriend
Don Wand Crystal Wands - These lovelies are available in myriad shapes and sizes. They are absolutely fantastic. Made of a Pyrex, they are chip-resistant (but you must be sure to examine them before each use), easy to clean and easy to use. One handy little side benefit to a Don Wand is that you can immerse it in either hot or cold water before play to heighten the sensual experience.

NJoy Pure Wand
Pure Wand - The all steel dildo! Just looking at it gets a girl’s motor running (among other body parts). This hefty, 24-ounce pleasure toy is curved to hit the G-spot and features two sizes of balls on either end. It, too, can be warmed or cooled with water. Don’t put it in the freezer though. I especially enjoyed the visual feast that is the Pure Wand’s display: a jeweler’s quality box with lined material.


Womalia - This European concoction will drive you wild and to extreme orgasmic heights. It’s curved to hit all the right spots and warms to different intensities based on user settings. The Womalia has nine different settings to blow your mind. Keep a towel handy. The only downside (and it’s so small I feel ridiculous mentioning it) is that prior to the first use, the wand requires a 12 hour charge. A small price to pay for ultimate indulgence.

Tantus Little Secret Spoon
Tantus Little Secret - these discreet yet powerful vibes are just the thing when you don’t want to pull out the big guns but you want big orgasms. Each model has a different feature such as a flickering tongue, scooped “spoon” and clitoral stimulation, among others. This is not the best for penetration, but it definitely gives a good ride.

OhMiBod Freestyle G

OhMiBod Freestyle G - I love music. I love orgasms. Put the two together and holy crap! Now that’s a screaming O accompanied by a crescendo of your favorite playlist. Connect this badboy to any mp3 player and it pulses in time with your music. Beginners are urged NOT to try the 1812 Overture the first time out. It is a bit pricey, but it is worth the money.

So, while none of these made it into Enlightened, book 2 of my Sexual Magic Series, I did use quite a lot of the information gleaned to tease and taunt my heroine into many, many orgasms - forced and spontaneous. Hey, she’s a sub. She got in trouble.
Figging, anyone?
What about you? What’s your favorite toy?

Wishing you many naughty thoughts!
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